Breyer Aurora 13" Andalusian Plush Grey

Breyer Aurora 13" Andalusian Plush Grey

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Athletic and stylish, the Andalusian breed comes from Spain where they had been the horses of nobility and bullfighters Today, their grace and presence make them excellent dressage mounts!Established in 1981, Aurora World is a renowned global leader in plush toys and high-quality gift products. They offer a wide range of branded and licensed products for both children and adults, distributed through various retailers worldwide. With over 35 years of experience, we have helped spark imaginations through our diverse line of plush toys. In recent years, Aurora World has made a significant move towards eco-friendly practices. Utilizing recycled materials they have made triumph in reducing their environmental impact. Their ultimate goal remains to bring smiles to people around the world while contributing to a greener future.

  • This plush is approx. 4" x 11" x 10" in size
  • High quality materials and hand construction makes for a unique and soft touch
  • Unique Corral Packaging with name plate
  • Perfect gift for those who love Breyer Horses
  • Lock-washer eyes ensure safety and long-term enjoyment suitable for all ages

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